Hello my name is Paul Manley and I welcome you to Loosen Up
Muscle Therapy.

I have been interested in the human body, mind and spirit for as long
as I can remember.   It took what appears to be a lifetime to finally
find my calling and how very happy I am in the field of muscle therapy.

I have worked approximately 20 years in the corporate world.  I just
felt that a change was in order.  I was not getting the satisfaction out
of my profession and I thought it was time to start playing to my
strengths in life and follow my path.  This path that I speak of, is one
where I can make a difference in my life and those of the people I am
lucky enough to call clients.   I  also thought that it was important to
make this change to show my children (3) that no matter how old you
are and  no matter what your situation in life is it is never too late to
make a change.  

I graduated from The Pennsylvania School of Muscle therapy. PSMT
is one of the finest muscle therapy schools in the United States.  It is
also the first accredited  muscle therapy school in Pennsylvania.    I
have also graduated from The Pfrimmer Institute of Medical
Corrective Therapy.   I also hold an Associates degree in Applied

My vision for Loosen Up is to be a safe, comfortable,relaxing and
rejuvenating experience  for all who enter.  No matter if it is tight
muscles in the neck and shoulder from stress or debilitating sciatic
pain or, perhaps just routine muscle maintenance as part of a
healthy life style, You will be very pleased you started your health
and wellness journey with me and Loosen Up.

My pricing philosophy is quite simple.  I  believe whole heartedly in
the benefits and the healing capabilities that muscle therapy brings
to the human body, mind and spirit.  I have set my pricing in hope
that a person who needs the therapy can afford it.  It is no longer a
luxury to get an hour of muscle therapy.  It is a needed healing
therapy, especially in this day and age of stress, burnout and illness
being so prevalent.  Muscle Therapy is growing in leaps and bounds.
The Therapy is finally receiving the respect and knowledge of
benefits that the therapy can bring.  I hope that I can start a trend of
bringing muscle therapy to as many people as possible.  I do believe
that offering a fair price with outstanding service can be a start to
bring muscle therapy to the masses.

I firmly believe that if each and every person on this planet received
and hour of muscle therapy two three times a month.  We would all
live  with so much less stress, so much more energy  and  be clear of
mind clutter. We have all felt at one time or another with stress,
there is pain, with pain there is a big drain on our energy, with  all
our energy going to handle our body's pain demands, there is not
much left for our thought and brain process.   So please do yourself
a favor or someone you know  a favor and get an hour's worth of
muscle therapy.  How can you go wrong with treating your whole
being to something that is so beneficial and it costs less then a tank
of gas.  Please do not let your tank run out.   Reduce stress and pain
with the miracle and healing powers that are brought to the whole
person by muscle therapy

Yours in muscle health and wellness,

Paul Manley, AS, LMT, PDMT, CMCT


Loosen Up Muscle Therapy
47 Marchwood Road
Marchwood Office Building
Suite 1D
Exton, Pa 19341