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Loosen Up Muscle Therapy   |    484-597-0075

47 Marchwood Road

Marchwood Office Building, Suite 1 D

Exton, Pa 19341

Loosen Up Muscle Therapy specializes in Deep Muscle Therapy as well as
Medical Corrective Therapy and Sports Therapy. All of these therapies
assist the human frame in rejuvenation relaxation and re-hydration.

Loosen Up is a place where one can receive top quality muscle therapy at a
great value.   There is nothing more important than the human body which
carries your spirit while you are on this earth.  

The therapy settings are very calming and relaxing.  I will tell all up front
that Loosen Up Muscle Therapy is not a place where one would find
cucumbers on their eyes, not that there is anything wrong with that;)  The
work that I do is therapeutic and promotes healing.   

When the body is aching it effects  ones spirit and ones mind.  If left
untreated the aches turn to pain and eventually the body stops doing what
we want it to do.  When the body  stops doing what we want and need it to
do it eventually starts to bring the mind and spirit down.  

Muscle Therapy has come along way. Modern research has proven what
humans have known for many many years, muscle therapy needs to be  
incorporated in to your health plan  just as eating correctly and exercising.

Care and maintenance of the human frame should be done a on consistent